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Get the best tan overnight FOR FREE without seeing the sun!

Here’s the thing – I got a special offer from a friend of mine who works in Thermalabs. He offered to give me their brand new premium self tanner ($49 dollars value) for FREE. All he asked me to do was to apply the self tanner before I go to sleep and then write a review about the product once I see the results. Keep on reading to learn the ‘hack’ you can use to get it for FREE too!!!

Of course I was skeptic, I never trust those things – and the only reason I agreed (aside from the fact that he is my ex-boyfriend’s younger brother!) was that it is a natural product and he told me that 70% of the ingredients are organic so basically I’m getting something really high quality without the chemicals!

So I was a smart-ass and I only applied half my stomach so I can clearly see if there’s ANY difference! God forgive me. I woke up the next morning and look what happened:

Real selfie taken with my iPhone4. No editing, no photoshop nothing! real results

I was so impressed but I didn’t know what to do because now I must make the other side tanned as well oh my. So basically what I did was IMMEDIATELY applied Thermalabs’ self tanning lotion to the other half of my stomach and to the rest of my body and after about 4 hours I could see my body starts reacting and changing color. It was only around the evening time (it took about 9 hours to get the perfect tan that was the same as the other half!) and then I took a shower and when I went out I applied the lotion ALL OVER my body again. So basically on the right and left sides of my stomach and the rest of my body all together.

My friend told me that if I build the tan by applying it once and then again a day later I’ll have the perfect tan. He explained that it really depends on my skin type and that for some people it works better and faster then others. I have such a light skin so the difference was immediately apparent!

The next day I woke up and my entire body was so sexy and tanned that I ran to their website and left a raving review. I was so excited about this new product that really gives the competition a run for their money! This is also why I decided to share this blog post with you guys to give you an insider tip… Keep reading!

No one noticed the difference after I applied it all over!

Get it for free

So yes – this post is to encourage you to try this brand new product absolutely free (if you’d like) and the secret of how to actually get it for free (just don’t tell them you’ve heard it from me!)

Thermalabs created a special invitation-only webpage where you can apply to become a part of their prestigious beta-testers vip group. This invitation-only offer is set to expire at the end of the month and was given to a select few that agreed to share their thoughts and rate the product after they try it.


So basically, you need to apply (here) before the page goes away.

BUT!!! And here is the big BUT! This page is not advertised anywhere and is only sent to specific customers who already purchased their products in the past! So you’ll need to order the product asap by following this link (this link gives you the product for 50% OFF click here) and once you receive the order id, ONLY THEN APPLY to the beta-testers vip group.

Once you signup you’ll get a thank you email and within 24 hours they will approve you for the testers vip club (as long as the order id was typed in correctly and you signed up with the same name as it appears on the receipt you’ve got) and send you a link to leave a review for the product. That’s it! Once your review is posted they will send you a full rebate for the amount you paid for the product via paypal!!! Isn’t that awesome?!

EDITED> Ok, since I’ve just got an email from a friend who asked me if I can explain exactly what needs to be done so you won’t ‘mess it up’ and won’t get approved – – – just follow my 2 screenshots here. Hope this helps! Hurry up:

The confirmation Email you’ve got from Amazon just copy the Order # from the top right of the email:


Once in Thermalabs invitation only page, follow these steps to make sure you’re not doing anything wrong:screenshot2

That’s not all!

Basically it doesn’t stop there! I just got another sample product in the mail a few days ago of a new secret gel that they are working on but unfortunately (and I wish I could say more) I can’t disclose the information about this new mega-awesome tanning product because they explained that it is in beta testing right now and we must keep our mouths shut! Ok, they didn’t actually say that but they requested to keep this confidential at least until the product will be released to the market. I can only say… WOW. This new gel is going to be a mind-boggling product that will solve two problems in one tube 🙂

I was also asked to help develop their new applicator mitt which I thought was awesome. They don’t ‘just’ manufacture bulk products, they really think twice about everything – trying to make it the best out there. So basically I told them to make it a bit longer (I always stain my hands when I use my mitt so if it was a little bit longer it would solve that problem) and my friend actually told me that their new mitts will be 1 centimeter longer then all the other mitts out there 🙂 and they also add a carrying plastic bag to it so you can take it with you without worrying that it’ll stain your cloths in your bag etc…

In other words, I hope this post helps someone and I encourage you to become a part of this wonderful beta-testing vip group. Hey, you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain!!! Hurry up before the doors close at the end of the month!!!

Link to getting the best natural self tanner for half price HERE.

Link to the invitation only webpage HERE (expires September 30th).